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EITI Status: 
Compliant country

Compliant since

Compliant since: 
12 December 2012

Extractive Industries

The mineral sector in Tanzania includes both small–scale operations  and large-scale mechanised mining dominated by nine major mines: six for gold and one each for diamonds, coal and Tanzanite. Gold accounts for 90% of the value of Tanzania’s mineral exports.

The past few years have seen a big increase in exploration for gas and oil along the coast.  Estimates for gas reserves look promising for commercial production.  So far, no crude oil discovery has been made though indicators from drillings and seismic data show that there might be potential reserves.

EITI Reporting

The country produces EITI Reports that disclose revenues from the extraction of its natural resources. Companies disclose what they have paid in taxes and other payments and the government discloses what it has received. These two sets of figures are compared and reconciled.
The third EITI Report covering the year 2010/11 was launched on 28 June 2013.

EITI Implementation

The third EITI Report covering the year 2010/11 (July/June) was launched on 28 June 2013. It showed that government revenue from gas and mining was US $330 million in 2010/11, up 8% from reported revenue of the previous year.

The second EITI Report covering 2009/10 was launched on 31 May 2012.  It showed that the Government in Tanzania received more than US $300 million from the mining sector, up almost three times from the previous year.  Tanzania was declared compliant on 12 December 2012.

The first Tanzania Validation report was received on 14 May 2011.

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The third EITI Report is linked to the cadastre which registers all the mining licenses, and to the Business Registrations and Licensing Agency which lists all the names of shareholders of the companies. The Report contains a brief description of all the major mines, their production, and the export volumes and sales. In addition it outlines the destination of gold exports which made up 90% of Tanzania’s mineral exports.

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Facts & Figures

Latest Eiti Report: 2011 Report
Deadline for next Eiti report: Monday, 30 June 2014
Number of fiscal years published: 3

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