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The EITI Blog gathers together ideas about the role of transparency and natural resources in creating economic growth and fighting poverty and corruption. The blog is authored by members of the EITI Secretariat and key stakeholders.

24 September 2014 Divine Munje
Why they are not part of the EITI - and why they should be.
23 September 2014 Sam Tokpah
Sam Tokpah’s lesson on how he can best support countries towards more transparency.
18 September 2014 Franklin Ashiadey
How the recommendation of the EITI is leading to better spending by sub-national governments.
2 September 2014 Kjerstin Andreasen
EITI implementing countries are now required to annually report progress
16 July 2014 Emma Irwin
Emma Irwin shares her insight about the EITI process in Myanmar and its evolution in the past two years.
13 July 2014 Christina Berger
Rajo Daniella Randriafeno kept transparency on track as the Minister of Mines after Madagascar’s coup.
11 July 2014 Pablo Valverde
“I want to see Iraq reborn". Mr Alaa Mohie Al-deen wants to help rebuild his country.
2 July 2014 Jonas Moberg
Snapshot of the topics under discussion during day 2 of the EITI Board Meeting in Mexico City.
1 July 2014 Jonas Moberg
Snapshot of the topics under discussion during day 1 of the EITI Board Meeting in Mexico City.
1 July 2014 Anders Tunold Kråkenes
Five steps towards better data on governments’ management of natural resources.
19 June 2014 Kjerstin Andreasen
29 May 2014 Christina Berger
This month Indonesia published the 200th EITI Report.
21 May 2014 Eddie Rich
Though there is much to be said for governing “beyond governments,” it is a treacherous area.
11 April 2014 Asmara Klein
PWYP's Asmara Klein on what civil society in Papua New Guinea expects from the EITI.
31 March 2014 Cheikh Tidiane Touré
The EITI profile of the month Cheikh Tidiane Touré says ensuring more transparency is siding with history.
31 March 2014 Dyveke Rogan
Disclosing all details from its oilfield auction would set the country on the course towards transparency.
19 March 2014 Erica Westenberg
An online interactive reference that allows users to explore the opportunities in the EITI Standard.
14 March 2014 Jonas Moberg
The Board meets to discuss bids to join EITI from Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and the US.
13 March 2014 Marie Lintzer
Revenue Watch Institute's Marie Lintzer on what the EITI can do for DRC.
26 February 2014 Marie Gay Alessandra V. Ordenes
National Coordinator Ordenes on formulating "what we want with EITI in the Philippines".


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