EITI Reports

Countries implementing the EITI Standard publish EITI Reports that disclose the revenues from extraction of the country's natural resources. Companies report payments to government (taxes, royalties, etc) and the government reports what it has received. These two sets of figures are compiled and reconciled by an independent reconciler, chosen by the country, and published in the EITI Report.

Disclaimer: The International Secretariat has extracted summary data from these reports. Users are advised to consult the original reports for detailed information. Where figures are not available in US dollars, the annual average exchange rate is used. Should you have any comments please  contact the EITI Secretariat.


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Albania xxxxxxxxxxx
Burkina Faso xxxxxxxxxx
Central African Republic xxxxxxxxx
Chad xxxxxxxx
Côte d'Ivoire xxxxxxxx
Democratic Republic of Congo xxxxxxxxx
Gabon xxxxxxx
Ghana xxxxxx
Guatemala xxxxxxxxxxxx
Guinea xxxxxx
Indonesia xxxxxxxxxxx
Iraq xxxxxxxxxxx
Kazakhstan xxxxxxx
Kyrgyz Republic xxxxx
Liberia xxxxxxxxx
Madagascar xxxxxxxxx
Mali xxxxxxxx
Mauritania xxxxxxx
Mongolia xxxxxxx
Mozambique xxxxxxxxxx
Niger xxxxxxx
Nigeria x
Norway xxxxxxxxx
Peru xxxxx
Republic of the Congo xxxxx
Sierra Leone xxxxxxxx
Tanzania xxxxxxxxxx
Timor-Leste xxxxxxxxxx
Togo xxxxxxxxxxxx
Trinidad and Tobago xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yemen xxxxxxx
Zambia xxxxxxxxxx