Boost for Burma with new UK funding

29 August 2014
The UK remains committed to supporting Burma to reach its potential as a peaceful and prosperous country that respects the human rights of its entire people, UK International Development Minister said while announcing new funding.

Nigeria Activist Who Escaped the Gallows Probes Oil Accounts

29 August 2014
Two decades ago Ledum Mitee escaped being hanged while campaigning against corruption in Nigeria’s oil industry. Today, as head of a government transparency initiative, he says little has changed.

Oil Exploration - Seychelles, Mauritius And Comoros

29 August 2014
International Oil Companies (IOCs) that have been eyeing East Africa may want to look beyond established jurisdictions like Kenya and Mozambique. Across the water that is, to the Indian Ocean islands of Seychelles, Mauritius and Comoros.

UN experts concerned with the problems of civil society in Azerbaijan

28 August 2014
Economic Development of Azerbaijan should be based on human rights and open dialogue. This is the general opinion of the members of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights, who visited Azerbaijan to study the human rights situation in the field.

Transparency International Under Pressure In Azerbaijan

28 August 2014
Transparency International's office in Baku says it is being forced to suspend some of its projects in Azerbaijan because of problems receiving funds through its bank in Baku.

ACEP Publishes Report On Three Years Of Petroleum Revenue Management In Ghana

27 August 2014
A report by the African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) has called for the application of both the Petroleum Income Tax Law, 1987 (Act 188) and the Internal Revenue Act, 2000 (Act 592) in the oil and gas sector in order to maximise resources.

ACEP Holds Multi-stakeholder Forum On Accountability Reports On PRMA

27 August 2014
A multi-stakeholder forum on Accountability Reports in the Petroleum Revenue Management Act, 2011 (Act 815) has taken place in Accra.

Oil & Gas - NEITI's Four Audit Cycles in Focus

27 August 2014
Sequel to completion of four audit cycles of the oil and gas sector by the NEITI, a group of experts, under the auspices of the Lagos Oil Club, will tomorrow "share useful insights" on the outcomes of the exercise.

Growth at any cost: Strategic direction or tunnel vision?

27 August 2014
With a number of important issues unresolved – including how the distribution of resource dividends might take place on an equitable basis – the auctioning off of some of Burma’s most valuable assets is proceeding apace.

'No more projects like Letpadaungtaung if Myanmar becomes EITI member'

27 August 2014
If Myanmar becomes a full member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), there will be no more projects like Letpadaungtaung copper mine, which caused problems with local people, Dr Zaw Oo, a business advisor to the president, said.

DRC Mining Industry Awards to Celebrate Top Companies and Individuals in Mining Sector in October

27 August 2014
This year's tenth edition of the annual iPAD DRC Mining & Infrastructure Indaba will see the launch of the DRC Mining Industry Awards during a gala dinner on 22 October at Hotel Memling in Kinshasa.

UK sets the bar for transparency over oil, gas and mining payments

27 August 2014
Mining, gas and oil companies registered in the UK will report on payments they make to governments in all countries they operate in.

Where does the Australian Government stand on mining transparency?

27 August 2014
It’s almost three years since the Australian Government committed to undertaking a pilot of the EITI and civil society groups part of the Publish What You Pay Australia coalition are eagerly waiting to hear if the Government will decide to implement it.
25 August 2014
Government takes steps to improve the management of its national oil company by regular publication of oil sales
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U.S. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Multi-Stakeholder Group (USEITI MSG) Advisory Committee

22 August 2014
Following consultation with the General Services Administration, notice is hereby given that the Secretary of the Interior is renewing the United States Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (USEITI) Federal Advisory Committee (Committee).

Southern Africa CSOs to play more active role in expanding and consolidating the EITI in the region

20 August 2014
Representatives of civil society organisations from across the region came together in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, to discuss the role and contribution of CSOs towards the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) processes in the region.

Gaps in new Afghan mining law pose a threat to stability

20 August 2014
Afghanistan’s new mining law has serious weaknesses, warns Global Witness, as President Hamid Karzai signed the bill onto the statute books. The gaps in the law increase the risk that the country’s mineral wealth will fuel conflict and corruption.

Plan for central mineral market

20 August 2014
Myanmar Federation of Mining Association (MFMA) plans to set up a central mineral market this year to eliminate illegal trade and minimise the loss of state funds.

Miners oppose 'no go' mining zone

20 August 2014
Some players in the mining sector are still opposed over the imposition of “no go zones” for mining activities in specific areas in the country.

Why corporate behaviour is under scrutiny in Myanmar

20 August 2014
Most observers agree that international business must play a large role in Myanmar’s economic transformation, but there is not yet a consensus on how this should occur.