20 July 2014
Statement by the EITI Board in response to the arrest of Board member Ali Idrissa.
18 July 2014
Indonesia’s 2010 and 2011 EITI Report plots the valorisation of its natural resources in detail.
4 July 2014
Expansion of agriculture, forestry and mining.
2 July 2014
Clare Short: The Congolese people have worked together to advance transparency.
2 July 2014
The EITI Board designated the country 'Compliant'.
2 July 2014
The EITI Board approved Myanmar’s application at its meeting in Mexico City.
2 July 2014
The German government issued the following media release today.
2 July 2014
As costs are recovered, companies pay more tax to the government
10 June 2014
Successful elections pave way for effective implementation.
2 June 2014
The EITI process in Chad leads to traceability of oil payments for the first time.
30 May 2014
Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources to take next steps.
29 April 2014
The EITI profile of the month, Mirwais Sarrah, says Afghanistan needs a ‘real’ EITI.
28 April 2014
Milestone in its efforts to reform management of oil, gas and mining revenues.
25 April 2014
Gas and mining revenues still a long way from replacing oil as a revenue source.
24 April 2014
Five photos awarded out of 121 submitted.
24 April 2014
The island nation is preparing for EITI candidature amidst oil exploration.


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