31 March 2014
The Prime Minister balanced enthusiasm and realism at the launch of their EITI Report.
26 March 2014
Mali’s latest EITI report details rising mining revenue despite dipping gold output.
19 March 2014
Vice President reaffirms the government's commitment to transparency.
19 March 2014
Secretary Jewell: proud to lead US EITI, building on existing transparency and accountability reforms.
19 March 2014
The EITI Board approved PNG’s application for EITI Candidate status at its meeting in Oslo on 19 March 2014.
19 March 2014
The EITI Board: ensuring civil society engagement will be critical.
14 March 2014
Latest EITI Report shows that revenue is growing, but still small relative to the budget.
11 March 2014
EITI Chair writes to International EITI Board members Ali Idrissa, Faith Nwadishi and Jean-Claude Katende
10 March 2014
EITI in Albania is seeking consulting services from an Independent Administrator / Reconciler.
10 March 2014
Solomon Islands EITI is seeking consulting services from an Independent Administrator / Reconciler.
19 February 2014
Peru collects over US $6bn per year from oil, gas and mining.
17 February 2014
Its latest EITI report reveals that the country's mining revenues nearly doubled to US $1,360 million.
31 January 2014
Burkina Faso's new EITI Report provides valuable information on the country’s mining sector in 2011.
24 January 2014
Disclosure of record high mining revenues spurs scrutiny and debate.
22 January 2014
EITI Report shows that revenues are up by almost four times but remain a small part of the economy.
17 January 2014
Niger's EITI report was launched amidst drawn-out uranium contract negotiations.
9 January 2014
Government revenue from its oil exports increased 50% in 2011.
7 January 2014
Transparency and oversight needed for oil to lead to prosperity, says Minister.
23 December 2013
Most major publicly listed extractives companies have now endorsed the EITI Principles.
10 December 2013
Myanmar’s President Thein Sein met with EITI Chair Clare Short today.


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