The International Secretariat and EITI's supporters have developed a range of guidance documents on how to implement and support implementation of the EITI. EITI is not responsible for nor endorses the content of any document available here that is not produced by the EITI.

Guidance to implementing countries
Guidance to civil society
Guidance to companies
Research about the EITI
Governance of the EITI 

The EITI Standard is the authoritative source on how countries can implement the EITI. It is the global
The EITI Fact Sheet is a concise four-page introduction to the
The EITI Board adopted the Code of Conduct in March 2014.
This is an EITI Good Practice Note on the types of communications activities that can be undertaken by EITI implementing countries. In an effort to help countries implementing the EITI be
The EITI London Conference 2005 established an international advisory group (IAG) to guide the further work of the International EITI Secretariat on defining and refining proposals on the future o
This publication has been replaced by the EITI Standard.
This is the report of the 2010
EITI has evolved much between the Doha Conference in 2009, the Paris Conference in 2011 and the Sydney Conference 2013.
The EITI Fact Sheet is a concise four-page introduction to the
Countries that wish to implement the EITI are invited to apply for EITI Candidature.