The International Secretariat and EITI's supporters have developed a range of guidance documents on how to implement and support implementation of the EITI. EITI is not responsible for nor endorses the content of any document available here that is not produced by the EITI.

Guidance to implementing countries
Guidance to civil society
Guidance to companies
Research about the EITI
Governance of the EITI 

This is the report of the 2012
How oil, gas and mining companies can support the EITI at the international level.
The EITI Fact Sheet is a concise four-page introduction to the
The report marks the first time that companies in a sector have collaborated to facilitate scrutiny of their combined contribution to the economies of the countries where they work.
The yearly work plans set out core activities by the International Secretariat, and are approved by the EITI Board.
A growing number of international financial institutions, insurers and credit agencies recognise that they have an important role to play in contributing towards transparency and
This document highlights some of the endorsements the EITI has won from countries, companies and organisations.
The EITI Fact Sheet is a concise four-page introduction to the
This is the report of the 2010
Legislators can play several critical roles in making sure EITI is established and works effectively, and this guide shows how. Its first objective is to introduce the EITI process.