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Photo of Ibrahima Aidara

Ibrahima Aidara

Deputy Regional Director, Open Society Foundations - Africa

Ibrahima Aidara is the deputy regional director of Open Society–Africa. Aidara’s portfolio includes strategy and planning, foresight and research, special initiatives including impact investment, and shared learning frameworks. He also manages the Open Society Grant Unit, including the Reassigned Grants Unit, and works on developing strong partnerships with likeminded foundations and organizations. Prior to joining Open Society, Aidara worked as the country economist at UNDP Senegal where he was responsible for research, development, and the application of economic principles and theories to devise strategies and plans to solve economic problems, especially ones related to the Millennium Development Goals. Aidara has written articles on trade, taxation, development, and economic governance related issues. He recently published articles and working papers on the Open Society Initiative for West Africa website examining public financing, domestic resource mobilization, regional economic integration, natural resource governance, fiscal policy, and public health. He holds a PhD and an MA in economics from Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal.