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Photo of Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson

Executive Director, EITI

Mark is the Executive Director of the EITI since 2018, leading the organisation's engagement on extractives transparency and managing the International Secretariat. Mark serves as Board Secretary and is responsible for managing the International Secretariat, fundraising and financial management, and oversight of implementation in EITI’s member countries.

Mark has over 30 years' experience in governance, extractives, climate and international development, and a career spanning the worlds of policy, operations, research and philanthropy. Prior to joining EITI in 2018, Mark served as Global Director for Governance at the World Resources Institute in Washington D.C. He previously held senior positions at the Department for International Development, the Institute of Development Studies, the Ford Foundation, and the Overseas Development Institute.

Mark has held several board and advisory roles and currently serves as an Envoy for the Open Government Partnership. Mark was a founding member of the OGP Board of Directors and the first Board Chair from 2016-2020. He holds a DPhil and MA in Comparative Politics from the University of Sussex, and a BA honours degree in Social and Political Science from the University of Cambridge.