Published Date: 
March, 2017

The EITI Board admits Armenia as an EITI candidate country.

D​ate: 09.03.2017

Reference: 2017-16/BM-36/BP-36-6-A


The EITI admits the Republic of Armenia as an EITI candidate country on 9 March 2017. In accordance with the EITI Standard, the Republic of Armenia is required to publish its first EITI Report within 18 months of becoming a candidate (09.09.2018). Armenia is required to publish an annual activity report for 2017 by 1 July 2018. Validation will commence within two and a half years of becoming a candidate (09.09.2019). In accordance with the work plan submitted by the MSG, the EITI Board expects Armenia to publish a beneficial ownership roadmap by 1 January 2018.

Where: 36th Board meeting in Bogota, Colombia 

Based on: Requirement 1

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Keywords: Candidature; Armenia


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