Guidance note 5
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Guidance note
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February, 2016

Guidance note 5 on annual progress reports (APR)

Guidance note 5 - Requirement 7.4

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  1. Summary
  2. Requirements covering this topic
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1. Summary

The annual progress [1] report is an important tool in managing the EITI implementation process. It can help an EITI implementing country to critically assess its progress against the EITI requirements. It also enables the multi-stakeholder group (MSG) to monitor if it is achieving its own objectives for implementation as established in the MSG’s work plan, and if the EITI process is delivering the expected results. On the basis of such an assessment, the MSG can decide to revise its work plan or its objectives in order to act on opportunities for strengthening implementation. The reports are also intended to take stock of efforts to address EITI reporting and validation recommendations and can also help identify issues that need to be addressed between validations.

In addition, an annual progress report is an important communications tool. It provides an opportunity to show what the EITI implementing country has done to improve transparency and strengthen natural resource management through the EITI. It may also be a means for multi-stakeholder group members to account for their work towards their constituents and wider stakeholders. 
Implementing countries are required to review the outcomes and impact of EITI implementation on natural resource governance and to publish annual progress reports, summarising the progress made in the preceding year (EITI Requirement 7.2). This guidance note provides a suggested template for how to develop an annual progress report. MSGs and national secretariats may wish to modify the template or use their own structure. 

2. Requirements covering this topic

Requirement 7.4 states that the multi-stakeholder group is required to review the outcomes and impact of EITI implementation on natural resource governance. 

a) The multi-stakeholder group is required to publish annual progress reports. The annual progress reports must include:

i. A summary of EITI activities undertaken in the previous year;
ii. An assessment of progress with meeting and maintaining compliance with each EITI requirement, and any steps taken to exceed the requirements. This should include any actions undertaken to address issues such as revenue management and expenditure (5.3), transportation payments (4.4), discretionary social expenditures (6.1), ad-hoc sub-national transfers (5.2), beneficial ownership (2.5) and contracts (2.4).
iii. An overview of the multi-stakeholder group’s responses to and progress made in addressing the recommendations from reconciliation and Validation in accordance with Requirement 7.3. The multi-stakeholder group is required to list each recommendation and the corresponding activities that have been undertaken to address the recommendations and the level of progress in implementing each recommendation. Where the government or the multi-stakeholder group has decided not to implement a recommendation, it is required that the multi-stakeholder group documents the rationale in the annual progress report.
iv. An assessment of progress with achieving the objectives set out in its work plan (Requirement 1.5), including the impact and outcomes of the stated objectives.
v. A narrative account of efforts to strengthen the impact of EITI implementation on natural resource governance, including any actions to extend the detail and scope of EITI reporting or to increase engagement with stakeholders.
b) All stakeholders should be able to participate in the production of the annual progress report and reviewing the impact of EITI implementation. Civil society groups and industry involved in the EITI, particularly, but not only those serving on the multi-stakeholder group, should be able to provide feedback on the EITI process and have their views reflected in the annual progress report.
Requirement 8.4 establishes the deadline for publishing the annual progress report: 
Multi-stakeholder groups are required to publish annual progress reports (Requirement 7.4). The report of the previous year’s activities must be published by 1 July of the following year. The EITI Board will establish appropriate deadlines for new EITI Candidate countries. If the annual progress report is not published within six months of this deadline, i.e. by 31 December of the following year, the country will be suspended until the EITI Board is satisfied that the outstanding progress report has been published.

Source: EITI Standard 2016, p. 31-32 and 37

Requirement 8.4 further states that the report on the previous year’s activities must be published by 1 July of the following year. For example, the activity report for 2015 must be published by 1 July 2016. 
[1] With the adoption of the revisions to the EITI Standard in February 2016, the annual activity report was renamed to annual progress report to encourage more focus on results and impact rather than on activities.

3. Annual Progress Report template

Please download the word files below to access the template.