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The EITI Global Conference and Members' Meeting

The EITI holds a Global Conference at least every three years, bringing together all stakeholders of the EITI. During these conferences, a smaller Members' Meeting takes place with the three constituency groups: countries (implementing and supporting), companies (including institutional investors) and civil society organisations. The main task of the Members Meeting is to appoint an EITI Board for the next three years. A list of the members of the EITI Association can be found here.

To date, there have been seven EITI Global Conferences:

  1. Lancaster House, June 2003
  2. London, March 2005
  3. Oslo, October 2006
  4. Doha, February 2009
  5. Paris, 2-3 March 2011
  6. Sydney, 23-24 May 2013 
  7. Lima, Peru, 24-25 February 2016