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How we are funded

The funding of the international management of the EITI reflects its multi-stakeholder support. About US$ 5m a year covers the salaries and associated costs for staff, a small Chairman’s office, Board meetings, travel and conference costs, consultants, and communications.

The Secretariat is funded by supporting governments and supporting companies.

Under the EITI Rulesimplementing country governments, paid for the implementation and validation of their EITI process.  Under the EITI Standard, implementing country governments are expected to pay for the implementation of their EITI process, whilst validation is covered by the EITI international management.  

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The principles of the funding formula are as follows:

  1. The private sector and supporting countries share the principle responsibility for the international management costs of the EITI with the support of civil society organisations and the host government, Norway. The companies and supporting countries should pay the same.
  2. The EITI international management will cover the costs of validation.  This is presently covered through a specific grant from the World Bank administered Multi-Donor Trust Fund.
  3. The Board will ensure that no single constituency or single stakeholder dominates the level of funding.

Based on these principles, the charts above show how the costs of the EITI international management have been, and are due to be, funded. A considerable effort went into widening the funding base in 2014. We received funding from 66 organisations and countries, up from 19 in 2007.  

These efforts are funded from a wide range of sources, including the implementing country governments, the World Bank-administered Multidonor Trust Fund and other multilateral agencies, and bilateral development agencies.

The EITI also receives a considerable amount of EITI off-budget and in-kind support, such as the funding of EITI Global Conferences, training seminars for the multi-stakeholder groups from implementing countries and National Coordinator Meetings.

The Audited Accounts since 2007 are available on the EITI website

For further information about EITI funding, contact Regional Director Eddie Rich.