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Welcome to the EITI blog!

26 October 2007

Dear all,

I too want to welcome you all to our new website. The international EITI Secretariat opened here in Oslo last month. With the launch of this new website we take another important step in the building of our organization and in contributing towards a standard and movement for revenue transparency.

The EITI Secretariat cannot “do” the EITI. The “doing” of the EITI needs to be done by countries committed to implementing it, in close collaboration with all of their stakeholders. The Secretariat’s aim is to coordinate and be a resource for all of those involved with implementation. We are committed to making this website not simply a place where information can be found about the EITI, but a resource centre and forum for debate about EITI-implementation and revenue transparency. 

That is why this is actually intended to be a guest blog. We will invite a different person involved with the implementation of the EITI every 3 to 4 weeks to host this blog. But we start with ourselves, so that you have a better chance to get to know us and the new Secretariat here in Oslo. So for the next month I will be introducing the Secretariat and look forward to debating the EITI in this corner of our new website.