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Winners of the EITI Infographic competition

31 October 2013

The EITI Secretariat has the pleasure of announcing the winners of our infographic competition (see background on infographics)

Following the rules of the competition, the jury has based its decision on the following criteria:

  • Use of EITI data
  • How well the infographic translates numerical data into information which can easily be understood
  • Storytelling
  • Overall design

We received 25 submissions, and it was certainly a tough job to decide between all of the excellent designs. The Secretariat extends a big thanks to every single participant for the time and effort they put into their infographics.

Special mentions

Before announcing the winners of the competition, the EITI International Secretariat would like to draw special attention to the following infographics, which warrant a special mention:

The winner is...

The infographic by Mohamad Tri Wicaksono and Arsy Aulia from Indonesia is selected as the winner of the EITI International Secretariat Infographic competition. Here is the jury’s decision:

“Their infographic was excellently designed, and portrayed difficult information in a manner that is easy to understand. Tri and Arsy’s design captured the spirit of the EITI by using data disclosed in the EITI Reports and communicating the findings in a way that makes sense to citizens on the ground. The infographic can serve as an example to others on how to explain an EITI Report to people with little or no knowledge of the extractive sectors.”

Tri and Arsy are awarded with US $3000.

We hope the infographics will inspire others to use EITI data together with relevant information from other sources and communicate in a way that is easily understood and contributes to debate.

The article continues below the picture, keep reading to see who won second and third place.

Second place goes to...

The judges’ panel found it difficult to decide between so many excellent designs, and especially between the top three contestants. Therefore, it decided that the second place will be shared between Jennifer Ayala from Spain and Oluseun Onigbinde from Nigeria. Both contestants will receive US $1500 each.

Jennifer’s design impressed the judges especially because she translated numbers into understandable information. The jury said:

"The extractive industries often produce big numbers, which are difficult to comprehend. Jennifer showed that revenues from Liberia’s oil industry, which amounted to US $49 900 000, equal the price of 998 000 bags of rice. Such comparisons can contribute to debate and help citizens hold governments to account because they can understand the significance of the revenues generated."

The article continues below the picture, keep reading to see Oluseun's design.

The jury said:

"Oluseun’s design had an especially good story line and a clear call to action. The design shows people how much money has gone missing in Nigeria and also what Nigeria could have achieved if the money had been invested in developing the country. The data presented in the infographic is also linked with other sources."

The article continues below the picture, keep reading to see who won third place.

Third place goes to...

Ahmad Maaroof Mahmood from Nigeria is awarded the third place. See his infographic below.

The jury said:

Maaroof’s design explains the EITI in a neat way, and went a long way in engaging people on Facebook. His design was shared 101 times, and he received 1122 likes and 368 comments. With the EITI it’s important to not only publish data, but to use it in such a manner that contributes to debate. As one of the comments on his artwork said: “This is what our youth should start thinking about and forget about indifference”.

Maaroof is awarded with US $500.