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The EITI Blog gathers together ideas about the role of transparency and natural resources in creating economic growth and fighting poverty and corruption. The blog is authored by members of the EITI Secretariat and key stakeholders.

21 April 2015 Wouter Biesterbos
Day 5 of EITI week in the Congos – final day of National Coordinators training.
16 April 2015 Eddie Rich
Day 4 of EITI week in the Congos - 16 April.
15 April 2015 Eddie Rich
Day 3 of EITI Congos week: 15 April.
14 April 2015 Eddie Rich
Day 2: Discussing the key issues for the EITI over the next few years.
13 April 2015 Eddie Rich
Day 1 of Board programme in the Congos: 13 April
9 March 2015 Clare Short
EITI Chair Clare Short reflects on the meaning of compliance.
26 February 2015 Jonas Moberg
Jonas and Richard in Kiev.
24 February 2015 Sam Tokpah
How to make sure that the EITI serves your country’s interests.
23 February 2015 Alex Gordy
Indonesia’s EITI can support the broader reform agenda in many ways.
12 February 2015 Pablo Valverde
Some thoughts on the freshly released MSI Integrity report.
2 February 2015 Alex Gordy
What the conflict around the Letpadaungtaung mine taught me about the EITI’s core mission.
16 December 2014 Pablo Valverde CPI
Finding a direct relationship between the EITI and CPI ranking is challenging, but the general trend is still positive.
15 December 2014 Jonas Moberg
15 December 2014 Pablo Valverde
Over 600 people from all over the country gather to elect new board members of their EITI.
5 December 2014 Julie McDowell and Baiba Rubesa
Mongolia-Germany G7 Fast Track Partnership to promote EITI holds inaugural conference in Ulaanbaatar.
3 December 2014 Mina Horace
In Sierra Leone, the EITI is making sure that there is a receipt to match every payment.
1 December 2014 Zainab Ahmed
An audit delivers startling findings on the use of extractives revenues in Nigeria.
14 November 2014 Dorina Cinari
Albania’s National Coordinator Ms Dorina Cinari on chance coffees and affecting change in her country.
24 October 2014 Josephine Saidu
Making the work of Sierra Leone’s EITI known is Josephine’s contribution to strengthening the country.
17 October 2014 Dyveke Rogan
Field trip report: learning about social spending in the Tanintharyi region.


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