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The EITI Blog

The EITI Blog gathers together ideas about the role of transparency and natural resources in creating economic growth and fighting poverty and corruption. The blog is authored by members of the EITI Secretariat and key stakeholders.

9 May 2016 Fredrik Reinfeldt Beneficial ownership
The challenge now is to turn the outrage into change.
11 April 2016 Marie Gay Alessandra V. Ordenes
The expectations on the new government in Myanmar are high - the EITI provides a list of to-dos to improve transparency.
6 April 2016 Eddie Rich
Prospects of good governance in the lower commodity price context – the future of MSIs in the extractives.
5 April 2016 Roman Nitsovych
More Ambitious, More Challenging
30 March 2016 Dr. Nicholas Garrett
How the EITI can support countries’ efforts to formalise and professionalise the ASM sector.
18 March 2016 Aasmund Andersen opendata
Aasmund from RDF blogs from the Data Storytelling Bootcamp.
15 March 2016 Clare Short
The former EITI chair Rt Hon Clare Short reflects on some of the events at the recent EITI conference in Lima
11 March 2016 Anders T. Kråkenes opendata
Dewi from Indonesia EITI blogs from the Data Storytelling Bootcamp.
8 March 2016 Dyveke Rogan EITI2016
EITI International Board approved 2016 Standard at its meeting in Lima on 23 February 2016.
4 March 2016 Gisela Granado
The National Coordinators from the EITI countries met in Lima last week.
26 February 2016 Alex Gordy EITI2016
Stakeholders from host governments, civil society and Chinese companies met at the 7th EITI Global Conference.
23 February 2016 Francisco Paris EITI2016
The conference theme is “reports to results”, which captures the challenge ahead.
19 February 2016 Clare Short EITI Chair
In the fourth of a set of contributions, Clare Short reflects on her time as EITI Chair.
12 February 2016 Clare Short EITI Chair
Clare Short reflects on the opportunities and challenges with the new beneficial ownership requirements.
8 February 2016 Clare Short EITI Chair
The second is a series of contributions from outgoing EITI Chair, Clare Short, on the future of the EITI.  
3 February 2016 Andrii Zherebko CPI
EITI countries move up an average of 2.5 places in the country ranks.
25 January 2016 Clare Short EITI Chair
In the first of a set of contributions, Clare Short reflects on her time as EITI Chair.
15 January 2016 Pablo Valverde
Excitement builds on the good governance of the extractive industries in Tunisia in 2016.
11 January 2016 Edward Bickham
A review of international and in-country experiences of the EITI from the perspective of supporting mining companies.
10 December 2015 Lyydia Kilpi
Day 4: The 31st meeting of the EITI Board ends in Kiev, Ukraine.