The EITI Blog

The EITI Blog gathers together ideas about the role of transparency and natural resources in creating economic growth and fighting poverty and corruption. The blog is authored by members of the EITI Secretariat and key stakeholders.

11 August 2015 Eddie Rich
The EITI as a tool for bringing the benefits of natural resources to citizens.
31 July 2015 Christoffer Claussen
The quest, challenges and exciting possibilities of unlocking data.
17 July 2015 Anders T. Kråkenes
Sierra Leone’s new electronic public administration system has improved transparency and raised revenue.
8 July 2015 Francisco Paris Lima2016
Why some countries have learnt and others have not.
2 July 2015 Pablo Valverde
The EITI third regional conference in the Americas marks a new era for EITI in the region.
2 July 2015 Aida P. Aamot
How transparency can enable a culture of dialogue and trust.
26 June 2015 Clare Short and Jonas Moberg
Response to Paul Collier's statements made at the NRGI conference on Thursday 25 June.
25 June 2015 Alex Gordy
How Mongolia is using online tools to streamline reporting and make the EITI relevant to domestic priorities.
22 June 2015 Jonas Moberg
Nigeria’s EITI is more than a glorified audit.
22 May 2015 Ines Schjolberg Marques
An EITI study finds that Chinese companies behave much like other oil gas and mining companies.
12 May 2015 Olena Pavlenko
In this EITI profile of the month, Olena Pavlenko tells us about uphill battles, Yetis and how things are moving ahead.
23 April 2015 Shemshat Kasimova
An overview of what happened during the EITI week in the Congos.
21 April 2015 Wouter Biesterbos
Day 5 of EITI week in the Congos – final day of National Coordinators training.
16 April 2015 Eddie Rich
Day 4 of EITI week in the Congos - 16 April.
15 April 2015 Eddie Rich
Day 3 of EITI Congos week: 15 April.
14 April 2015 Eddie Rich
Day 2: Discussing the key issues for the EITI over the next few years.
13 April 2015 Eddie Rich
Day 1 of Board programme in the Congos: 13 April
9 March 2015 Clare Short
EITI Chair Clare Short reflects on the meaning of compliance.
26 February 2015 Jonas Moberg
Jonas and Richard in Kiev.
24 February 2015 Sam Tokpah
How to make sure that the EITI serves your country’s interests.