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Mockup with SOE database

EITI launches new database of state-owned enterprises

New database presents structured data on state-owned enterprises operating in EITI implementing countries

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) operating in extractive activities wield considerable influence in resource-rich countries, generating significant revenue for the state by selling oil, gas and minerals to commodity trading companies or domestic refineries. A substantial share of total government revenues reported through the EITI come from the sale of oil, gas and minerals to commodity trading companies.

Understanding the responsibilities and transactions of state-owned enterprises is vital for sound public financial management. However, accessing consistent, annual data on SOE payments to governments and other disclosures has been challenging.

To address this, the EITI launched a new state-owned enterprises database, presenting data on approximately 100 SOEs operating in EITI implementing countries. This tool aims to improve data accessibility by regularly updating and publishing SOE payments to governments and organisational data, sourced from EITI Reports submitted by member countries. Enhanced with additional data points like unique company IDs, the database ensures greater interoperability with international databases and other EITI processes.

State-owned enterprises database

The EITI’s database of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) is a comprehensive resource, covering all SOEs’ transactions reported through the EITI since 2017.

EITI SOE database

Users can filter data by country, sector and commodity and use preset queries tailored to their needs. The database also allows for the creation of stable links to specific datasets, which will update automatically with new data submissions. Technical users can query the database using SQL (structured query language) or through the EITI’s API (application programming interface). Users may refer to the user guide for further guidance.

The database is developed in line with the EITI’s data strategy, which acknowledges the need to increase availability of extractives data and improve the quality and public accessibility of structured data. By providing a regularly updated tool for accessing core data, the EITI hopes to meet the diverse needs of its key audiences.


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The SOE database is launched as a minimum viable product and will be enhanced over time. The EITI International Secretariat welcomes feedback for future development. For questions or comments, please contact Learn more about the EITI’s data strategy at