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The EITI Secretariat has been buzzing with activity in recent weeks as preparations for the 4th EITI International Conference in Doha are in full swing. Stakeholders from around the world have been sending in their contributions for the range of publications that will be launched during the conference, including the EITI Progress Report 2007-2009. Interest in the conference has been high, with Heads of State and many ministers from supporting,

By Sefton Darby, Director of S.E.B. Strategy Ltd

With the 4th international EITI conference almost upon us it is perhaps worth doing a little advanced thinking about the kind of issues which the global "EITI community" will need to address in the 2 years that follow the conference. At the Lancaster House conference in 2003 a two-fold agenda was set: to broaden what was then a very small group of stakeholders into an international movement;