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"Old" Board member meets "new" - this is what they can learn from each other.

Key decisions on assessing EITI progress in implementing countries.

Leading the way in beneficial ownership and commodity trading.

Measuring the impact of something like the EITI is riddled with challenges.

EITI stakeholders measure and understand impact in different ways. For some, it is about improved trust and less conflict, for others it is about growth. For others, it is about enacting stronger laws at home and sanctioning non-reforming regimes. For others again, it is often about incremental opening of democratic space and improved accountability of their governments.

The challenge now is to turn the outrage into change.

The expectations on the new government in Myanmar are high - the EITI provides a list of to-dos to improve transparency.

Prospects of good governance in the lower commodity price context – the future of MSIs in the extractives.

The EITI Global Conference in Lima hosted several side-events, with the EITI Data Storytellers Bootcamp being a notable one. This event was aimed at sharing experiences and cooperation on the ways to use the growing volume of data produced by the EITI reports.

Workstreams of the Bootcamp covered different open data tools, software and portals to visualize, interpret and present information, including some useful hacks as user-centered design,

Aasmund from RDF blogs from the Data Storytelling Bootcamp.