The EITI Blog

The EITI Blog gathers together ideas about the role of transparency and natural resources in creating economic growth and fighting poverty and corruption. The blog is authored by members of the EITI Secretariat and key stakeholders.

5 July 2013 Sam Bartlett
EITI's Technical Director Sam Bartlett blogs about the importance of timeliness in EITI reporting.
14 June 2013 Diarmid O'Sullivan
Diarmid O'Sullivan says the new Standard doesn’t give everyone everything they want, but that it looks a lot broader.
11 June 2013 Eddie Rich
EITI's Eddie Rich asks: "what should be the balance between government and company take?"
5 June 2013 Cielo Magno
Cielo Magno says EITI has started a healthy dialogue with civil society about mining in the country.
23 May 2013 Tim Vickery
Converting transparency to accountability was a recurring theme at the 6th International EITI Conference on Thursday.
23 May 2013 Tim Vickery
Dialogue about natural resource revenues is the very essence of the EITI.
21 May 2013 Diarmid O'Sullivan
To improve use of resource revenues, EITI needs use its voice as well as its rules, writes Diarmid O'Sullivan.
15 May 2013 Johnny West
OpenOil's Johnny West says EITI could provide the missing 'first mile' data.
10 May 2013 Jonas Moberg
The Sydney conference will be a defining moment for the EITI.
9 April 2013 Eddie Rich
A review of reports from Iraq, Nigeria, and Norway.
26 March 2013 Dyveke Rogan
Hefty debates in Myanmar about who is benefitting from the country's natural resources.
11 March 2013 David Diamond
David Diamond discusses the need for greater transparency to help all parties involved.
11 February 2013 Graham Gordon
EITI needs to link to the country's political issues and to communicate better to have impact.
25 January 2013 Jean Claude Katende
Jean Claude Katende writes about EITI's past and future challenges.
11 January 2013 Clare Short
Clare Short outlines 5 of the proposed improvements.
9 January 2013 Katherine Lay
NEITI has recovered US$443 million owed to the government.
21 December 2012 Clare Short
23 November 2012 Abdul Omar
Equipped with facts, local communities demand accountability in Zambia
20 October 2012 Eddie Rich
EITI's Eddie Rich blogs about this week's meeting of the National Coordinators.
10 October 2012 Johnny West
OpenOil's Johnny West argues it can lead to more oversight and scrutiny.