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The EITI Blog gathers together ideas about the role of transparency and natural resources in creating economic growth and fighting poverty and corruption. The blog is authored by members of the EITI Secretariat and key stakeholders.

27 September 2012 Diarmid O'Sullivan
It could become a diagnostic tool for diverse problems in the extractives sector.
26 September 2012 Anwar Ravat
How the country has used EITI to overcome misgivings about its mining
26 September 2012 Clare Short
The EITI has made good progress since it became operational but it has not yet achieved the objectives it set itself.
21 September 2012 Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas
ASEAN countries are realising transparency is good for economic development.
16 September 2012 Jonas Moberg
The EITI is largely the quasi-multilateral international response to civil society campaigning under the PWYP umbrella.
10 August 2012 Graham Gordon
Tanzanian runner Samson Ramadhani is aiming for gold in the men’s marathon on Sunday.
20 April 2012 Marie-Ange Kalenga
12 April 2012 Marie-Ange Kalenga
22 December 2011 Leah Krogsund