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It has been over a decade since the EITI Principles were agreed, and while the Principles still provide the cornerstone of the EITI, many changes have since taken place in both scope and size. With the adoption of the EITI Standard in 2013, the EITI evolved from a narrow revenue reconciliation exercise to one covering many elements of the natural resource value chain including license information, beneficial ownership, the arrangements of state-owned companies, social payments,

Over 600 people from all over the country gather to elect new board members of their EITI.

Mongolia-Germany G7 Fast Track Partnership to promote EITI holds inaugural conference in Ulaanbaatar.

In Sierra Leone, the EITI is making sure that there is a receipt to match every payment.

An audit delivers startling findings on the use of extractives revenues in Nigeria.

Albania’s National Coordinator Ms Dorina Cinari on chance coffees and affecting change in her country.

Making the work of Sierra Leone’s EITI known is Josephine’s contribution to strengthening the country.

Field trip report: learning about social spending in the Tanintharyi region.

"Fifty-one million people must understand how much money Myanmar gets from natural resources."