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Over the past 12 years, the EITI has grown from an initiative of 12 countries to an established global norm for improving extractives governance worldwide. The 2019 EITI Global Conference’s central theme "Open Data, Build Trust" embodies how we envision this creative international partnership to evolve over the coming decade. Three elements underpin this theme and shape the dynamic and comprehensive agenda of our upcoming Conference.

1. Open data as the norm

Building on our common objectives, the synergy between the EITI and the OGP continues to grow.

The EITI and the Open Government Partnership (OGP) are close cousins. Both initiatives aim to improve governance and build trust by opening up data and creating opportunities for citizen participation.

Thirty of the 52 EITI countries are OGP members, and OGP encourages resource-rich countries to join the EITI.

A will and a way: as Iraq starts its second Validation, it has a chance to lead on systematic transparency.

95% of government revenues in Iraq comes from oil and gas sales. Ensuring the sector is transparent and open is essential for the wider economy and Iraqi society. The months leading up to Iraq’s second Validation demonstrated how countries can make swift progress in systematically disclosing EITI data, given the right combination of political will and technical engagement. 

In the world of education, Peer to Peer Learning is recognized as an effective method of knowledge transfer. It is about people at the same level voluntarily teaching one another what they know. It is an informal and cost-effective method of training because it does not involve the hiring of experts.  

Jonas Moberg, the then Executive Director of the EITI, in his National Secretariat Circular, May 2015 Edition,

The EITI Global Conference in Paris on 18-19 June will showcase emerging best practices in EITI implementation from 52 countries. Ghana has all the building blocks needed to lead Africa in systematically disclosing EITI data.

In March, Ghana EITI (GHEITI) convened a workshop to explore the future of EITI implementation, shifting the focus from publishing EITI Reports to encouraging the systematic disclosure of information by companies and government agencies.

12 countries participated in the EITI Beneficial Ownership Asia and Pacific Regional Workshop in Manila

The EITI, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) hosted the Beneficial Ownership Regional Workshop in Manila on 19-20 March. Around 70 participants from 10 EITI countries in the region were represented, including Armenia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Tajikistan and Timor-Leste,

This blog is based on introductory remarks delivered by EITI Executive Director Mark Robinson, to the 42nd EITI Board in Kyiv. He lays out his reflections since he took up his role in November and offers his vision for the organisation moving forward. 

As I reach the 100-day mark since I stepped into my position as EITI Executive Director, I would like to share a few thoughts on what attracted me to lead the EITI and my vision going forward.

What next for strengthening implementation of the EITI Standard?

The EITI’s 42nd Board meeting was held in Kyiv, Ukraine on 27-28 February 2019. As has been widely reported, the EITI Board agreed in principle to a number of important refinements to the EITI Standard. Further work is needed before the final language is agreed. The EITI Board also needs to agree on how these changes will come into force. In this blog we explain the background to these changes,

Four lessons learned from the journey towards beneficial ownership transparency in Ukraine

Considering Ukraine’s pioneering efforts on extractives transparency, it is hardly surprising that Kyiv was chosen to host the 42ndEITI Board meeting on 27-28 February. Ukraine was the first country to establish a publicly accessible beneficial ownership register and officially become part of the Global Beneficial Ownership Register launched by

On the eve of the 42nd EITI Board Meeting in Kyiv, EITI Ukraine hosted a roundtable on the EITI’s transition from a focus on EITI reporting toward encouraging systematic disclosure

quiet revolution is taking place within the EITI. Since its early years, multi-stakeholder groups were established in each EITI implementing country with the aim of collecting information from companies and government agencies and publishing this data in EITI Reports.