2011 EITI Rules available for download

On 16 February 2011, the international EITI Board agreed the 2011 edition of the EITI Rules. The EITI Rules brings together the all requirements for implementing the EITI.

The 2011 EITI Rules were reissued on 1 Novemeber 2011 with a new Foreword by EITI Chair Clare Short, as well as a number of typographical updates. Please note that this version does not change the content of the rules from previous versions of the 2011 EITI Rules.

Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Forum 2019

Co-hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) and EITI, this forum will promote dialogue and exchange good practices for enhancing transparency, governability and trust in the region’s extractives governance.

The main goal of this forum is to analyse the lessons learned from the governance strengthening process in the extractive sector and define an agenda for the future. The event will focus on discussing common challenges,