EITI Board recognises Papua New Guinea’s achievements in improving natural resource governance

Papua New Guinea achieves meaningful progress in EITI implementation, but further institutional reforms are necessary.

At its meeting in Dakar on 30 October 2018, the EITI Board decided that Papua New Guinea (PNG) has made meaningful progress in implementing the EITI Standard. The Board recognised PNG’s efforts in implementing reforms to address weaknesses in government systems and in improving the level of transparency on state participation in the country’s extractive industries. 

The EITI 2016 Standard is different – the EITI in a minute and recent focus

When the EITI family met in Lima back in February this year it revised the EITI Standard. The 2016 EITI Standard made some significant improvements from the 2013 Standard which was hugely different from the previous EITI Rules. The 51 EITI implementing countries have over the years upped their commitments in quite an extraordinary way.

From simple figures to comprehensive information

Timor Leste designated EITI Compliant by the EITI Board

The EITI Board today announced that Timor Leste is EITI Compliant. Timor Leste has completed the validation process in April. The final validation report was approved by the Timor Leste EITI Working Group on 6 April 2010. The EITI Board reviewed the report and today made the following announcement:

The EITI Board designates Timor Leste as EITI compliant as of 1 July 2010. In accordance with the EITI Rules:

Peter Eigen: Validation deadlines are spurring activity to improve transparency

On 8 March the Chair of the EITI Board, Peter Eigen, issued the following statement:

“In recent months a tremendous amount of work has been done to improve transparency in the extractive sectors of many countries. Among the reasons for the increased activity has been EITI Candidate countries’ goal to be recognised as EITI Compliant under the Initiative's international rules and principles.

Equatorial Guinea moving towards EITI Validation

Equatorial Guinea, currently an EITI Candidate country, held the 7th meeting of the EITI National Commission, the EITI multi-stakeholder group in the country, on 30 January. The Commission, chaired by Finance Minister Melchor Esono Edje, took important decisions for the advancement of the implementation process in EG: Hart Nurse Limited was chosen to conduct the EITI Validation,

Intensive Validation activity as deadlines approach

22 EITI Implementing Countries have a Validation deadline of 9 March 2010. Azerbaijan and Liberia have already completed Validation, but the others have just three more months. With this in mind, there has been a surge in Validation activity. Gabon, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia are currently conducting Validation studies. Ghana, Nigeria and Timor Leste have selected a Validator and are expected to begin to work shortly.

Liberia designated EITI Compliant by the EITI Board

BAKU, 15 OCTOBER 2009  The Board of the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) held its 10th meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan on 14-15 October 2009. During the meeting the Board designated Liberia as EITI Compliant, stating: “The Board congratulates the Government of Liberia and all the other stakeholders on the impressive progress made implementing the EITI. “

Invitation to Apply for Accreditation as an EITI Validator

On behalf of the Board of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), the International EITI Secretariat seeks applications from suitably qualified service providers to be accredited to undertake EITI Validation. The EITI sets a global standard for transparency in the extractive industries.  It supports improved governance in resource-rich countries through the verification and full publication of company payments and government revenues from oil, gas and mining.

Nigeria uses EITI to reform industry, build accountability

Having met all the requirements of the EITI Standard, country seeks to entrench transparency in government and company systems.

Nigeria’s pioneering use of multi-stakeholder governance to disclose data on its upstream extractives value chain was recognised today by the EITI Board. It became the first Anglophone African country to have made satisfactory progress in implementing all the requirements of the EITI Standard.