Public Video Competition

This page was created in July 2012.

Seeing results from the natural resources in your country?

Your answer to this question could be shown to the Presidents, CEOs and hundreds of participants at the EITI Global Conference in Sydney next year. One lucky person will also come to Sydney to win an EITI Chair Award as well as US$ 5,000.

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What can my video be about?

We believe that your answers will inspire other people to also use EITI data to improve revenue transparency and accountability in their own country.

We therefore want to show the participants at the EITI Global Conference how people and organisations in resource-rich countries are using (or could be using) the disclosed data on the payments from oil, gas, mining to ensure that the sector is well-managed and ultimately is improving peoples’ lives and their communities. 

How can I submit my answer?

If you have a laptop or a mobile with a camera and Internet access, you have all the equipment you need. Just go to and record your answer. The link to your YouTube video must be submitted before 31 December 2012.

The videos will be judged on the quality of the story they tell, not the sophistication of the equipment used. Make a short video in any style you wish - dramatisation, documentary, animated or mixed format. Existing videos can be submitted if they are produced after 1 Jan 2011.

Send your video together with the information as specified below via e-mail to: In the subject line, write “PUBLIC EITI VIDEO COMPETITION” and the name of your country and include the following:

  • Link to the video on YouTube.
  • Title of the video.
  • A brief written description of the video (maximum one sentence)
  • The name(s), contact details, short bio and photo of the video maker(s).
  • A statement declaring that you hold the copyright for or have the right to use this video, and agree to the video being used as described in the guidelines for this competition

Some questions to get you started

You may wish to use the questions below as a guide when producing the video:

  • What is the EITI really all about?
    The EITI is…
  • Why do we need the EITI?
    What is the EITI doing to improve the well-being, prosperity and/or security in your communities and your country?
  • How does EITI function in your country?
    How do people, communities and groups use EITI data to hold elected officials to account and see to that resource revenues are spent on their needs.
  • Why does the EITI matter?
    What was the situation before the EITI?
  • How could the EITI benefit your fellow citizens and make a positive impact in your country if implemented?

How will the winners be selected?

Videos will be judged mainly based on their focus on the issues, concerns and opportunities related to the EITI, not on their level of interest for international audiences. The judges will select ten (10) videos from all submissions according to the criteria below to advance to the semifinal and be featured on

The selection criteria are:

  • Clarity and accuracy in presenting the EITI for audiences in the implementing countries themselves
  • Creativity in capturing the spirit of the EITI and how it benefits citizens
  • Story-telling

Of the three semifinalists, two (2) videos will advance to final round, one (1) selected by the judges, and one (1) selected by the public by receiving the most 'likes' on www.facebook/EITIorg. We encourage all semifinalists to create publicity and ‘buzz’ around their video to attract votes/likes.

Legal disclaimer

By submitting a video submission to the competition, the entrant accepts the full terms and conditions of the competition and in addition grants the EITI International Secretariat full permission to freely use videos as appropriate, cross-posting on other social media channels, EITI websites and by EITI partners, or any other use. The EITI will have the right to freely use the video material. These terms and conditions are subject to change.

Any and all video footage, music, photographic images and other creative content used in the videos must be either originally produced by the filmmaker or proper proof of permission obtained from the copyright owner(s) must be submitted.

This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed administered by, or associated with, Facebook or YouTube. Any disclosure provided by entrants is being provided to the EITI International Secretariat, not Facebook or YouTube.