Alice Zida Thiombiano

National coordinator EITI Burkina Faso

The EITI National Coordinator (Secrétaire Permanent) for Burkina Faso, Madame Alice Zida Thiombiano is financial services administrator and has twenty-two years of experience in the public administration sector. She has a degree from the Centre de Formation Administrative in Blida, Algeria (1989-1991) and from the Ecole Nationale des Régies Financières (ENAREF) (2000-2002). She previously worked as a budget inspector (2009-2010) and was also a Directrice de la Solde (2010-2015) at the Direction générale du Budget within the ministry of Economy, Finances and Development where she contributed to implementing the government’s policy on salaries. She was a Board member at the Administration de la Centrale d’Achat de Médicaments Essentiels Génériques (CAMEG) from 2011 to 2016. Madame Alice Zida Thiombiano also has experience in internal audits and inspections along with budget and salary processing.