Eddie Rich

Eddie Rich

Former Deputy Head

Nationality: British 

Eddie Rich was the Deputy Head of the EITI International Secretariat from 2007-2019. He left the Secretariat in July 2019.

In those 12 years, his responsibilities have included leading on EITI implementation in Africa and the Middle East, and overseeing the EITI’s finance, human resources and communications functions, as well as the organisation of the Global Conference. He then covered EITI implementation globally.   

Together with the EITI’s former Executive Director Jonas Moberg, Eddie developed an approach to collective governance that challenges conventional developmental wisdom.  It is summarised in their book, Beyond Governments: Making Collective Governance Work - Lessons from the EITI. It isn’t difficult to think of intractable global problems that require collective solutions, from poverty and inequality to climate change, but examples of effective collective governance are rare in practice.  The EITI is a case study of entrepreneurial governance. 

Overall, Eddie has worked in development for over 20 years.  His prior experience includes working as DFID’s representative to Angola and deputy head in Kenya. He was head of DFID's Corporate Social Responsibility team when the nascent Publish What You Pay coalition came to DFID with an idea for a transparency initiative in the extractive sector in 2001. He continued to work on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in those infant times until 2004 when he moved to Kenya with DFID.  When Kenya started exploring for deep sea oil in 2006-2007, he was thrown back into the EITI debate.   

Eddie has degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of Westminster. His interests include politics, sport, film and yoga.