Mr Sampe L. PURBA

Natural Resource Economics Advisor to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia
Board Member Type: 
Implementing Countries

Sampe L. Purba has 30 years’ experience within private, semi and government institution in several aspects mainly related to audit, finance, oil and gas business management. Currently his position is Senior Advisor to Minister of EMR on Economy of Natural Resources. His main role is to give strategic advisory on natural resource management policy, discuss and help solve issues across the concerned stakeholders and functions. He is also the Head of the Audit Committee in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

He has a master’s degree in Economics, Accounting, Finance and Law, both from reputable universities locally and abroad. Currently he pursues his studies for a doctoral degree at the Indonesia Defense University, concentrating on Energy Policy.

Mr. Purba has attended several seminars, symposiums and workshops both as participant and speaker, domestically and abroad

Mr. Purba is also a member of several professional association such as IPA, AIPN, PERADI and IAI.