Director, Office of Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy, Bureau of Energy Resources, United States Department of State, USA
Board Member Type: 
Supporting Countries

Erin is currently the Director of the Office of Energy Policy and Public Diplomacy within the Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR).  Prior to this role she served as Acting Director of the Office of Energy Diplomacy within ENR.  Her overseas assignments include tours in Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic and Iraq.  

From 2015-2018 she served as Acting Public Affairs Counselor and as Cultural Attaché at U.S. Embassy Prague.  In Iraq, she served as Senior Economic Officer at U.S. Consulate General Erbil where she engaged the Kurdistan Regional Government, private enterprise and the non-profit sector on commercial development and the management of hydrocarbon resources.  As Deputy Economic Counselor in Sarajevo she coordinated approximately $50 million in USG assistance funds for Bosnia and Herzegovina to advance good governance and progress towards European Union economic standards.  Prior to that assignment, Erin worked at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations from 2008-2010 as Special Assistant to U.S. Permanent Representatives Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and later to Ambassador Susan Rice.

During her second year as a Political Officer she covered Security Council issues including the Horn of Africa, Somali piracy and the impact of armed conflict on women and children.  Erin also served as Albania Desk Officer from 2006-2008, advancing the country’s successful pursuit of NATO membership.  Before joining the Department of State, Erin worked for four years in the private sector, in both investment banking and online commerce.