Victor Ponsford

Victor Ponsford

Communications Officer

Nationality: UK

Victor is the EITI’s Communications Officer and supports the Country, Disclosure and Policy teams in communicating their priorities and impact. He works on outreach to stakeholders, potential implementing countries and supports the Chair in delivering the EITI’s key messages. 

Victor joined the EITI from Medact, a UK-based public health charity, which advocates for a global health centric approach in tackling the social and economic determinants of health by addressing issues such as inequality and climate change.

He holds a M.A. in Diplomacy and International Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), where he completed a first-class dissertation on Botswana’s diamond sector. Victor hails from Britain and grew up in Botswana, China, Russia and Tajikistan. He has also lived in Britain, the UAE, the US, Yemen and most recently Norway, having thus spent most of his life in resource-rich countries. He enjoys history, geography, the World Service and tea.