Responding to the triple crisis

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on many EITI implementing countries has been profound. Many countries have experienced difficulties continuing EITI data collection, dissemination and reporting. Recognising these challenges, the EITI Board has agreed measures to provide flexibility in EITI implementation and reporting.

  • Flexible reporting - Under the flexible reporting measures, MSGs (multi-stakeholder groups) may prepare EITI Reports based on information disclosed by government and/or companies, subject to MSG endorsement and providing that certain key elements are included. Changes have also been made to the Validation schedule, to accommodate the potential for delays to Validation schedules until August 2020.

  • Revised Validation schedules - The measures for scheduled Validations allow implementing countries to continue EITI implementation, while taking into account restrictions that have affected travel and data collection.

  • Resources for implementing countries - The EITI International Secretariat has organised relevant tools from EITI and external partners. These include details of webinars and other resources that can support implementing countries at this time.  

Mark Robinson on EITI’s response to Covid-19
The EITI Executive Director talks about the current health and economic impacts of the covid-19 crisis, what the EITI is doing to support implementing countries, pilots for systematic disclosure and plans for over 40 webinars this year to build capacity.

Flexible reporting

The EITI Board has agreed measures to provide flexibility in EITI implementation and reporting.

These measures allow implementing countries to retain the momentum of the EITI process whilst adapting to local circumstances and urgent information needs.

Revised Validation schedule

Ongoing Validations and Validations scheduled to begin before 31 August 2020 can be postponed on request.

There is still uncertainty about how the Covid-19 pandemic will develop during the latter part of the year, but countries with Validations scheduled to begin from September 2020 may request an extension under Article 7 of the 2019 Standard.

Resources to support new challenges

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the International Secretariat has continued to work virtually, with regular webinars being held for implementing countries on a wide range of topics.

Partners organisations have created resources and held webinars on themes connected to the EITI’s mission. To support implementing countries, we have gathered links to the most relevant resources in one place.