EITI outreach strategy 2017
Publication Type: 
Policy document
Published Date: 
October, 2016

EITI 2017 Outreach Strategy

The 2017 Outreach Strategy (Board Paper 35-7) was approved in Astana. See the file attached below.

Building on the recent expansion in the implementation of the EITI, and noting the aspiration to further embed the EITI as a global standard, the EITI and its partners conclude that there are opportunities to reach out to other resource rich countries that could benefit from EITI implementation. This document provides a strategy for how the EITI, together with supporting governments, companies and organisations, commits to work towards wider implementation of the EITI. The strategy addresses the costs and benefits of EITI implementation in prospective candidate countries and the cost implications for the International EITI Secretariat.

The Outreach and Candidature Committee will oversee the implementation of the Strategy. The Committee will focus on identifying the best opportunities to direct outreach efforts to priority countries at a high level, bringing coordination and momentum to outreach to priority countries. Parallel outreach efforts are needed to prospective supporting countries, companies, investors and civil society organisations. The strategy reflects the significantly altered environment for the EITI as a consequence of lower commodity prices. Given the Secretariat’s funding constraints, the strategy focuses on the highest priority outreach countries and puts a greater emphasis on outreach from supporting countries