Publication Type: 
Policy document
Published Date: 
May, 2018

EITI 2018-2019 Outreach Strategy

The 2018-2019 Outreach Strategy (Board Paper 40-5-A) was approved in Berlin. See the file attached below.

The EITI and its partners agree that there are opportunities to reach out to other resource-rich countries that could benefit from EITI implementation and could contribute to improved global governance of natural resources and their contribution to development goals. This document provides a strategy for how the EITI, together with supporting governments, companies and organisations, commits to work towards wider implementation of the EITI. 

This strategy builds on the consolidation of the EITI as the global standard implemented in 51 countries, the increased focus on embedding EITI implementation into government systems and regular public disclosures and the contribution of the EITI, nationally and globally, to address challenges in a number of areas such as beneficial ownership, commodity trading, SOEs governance, improved tax administration, and avoiding practices that could undermine taxation. 

In accordance with the International Secretariat 2018 Work plan, this strategy addresses the costs and benefits of EITI implementation in prospective candidate countries and the cost implications for the International Secretariat. Given the Secretariat’s budget priorities, the strategy focuses on the highest priority on countries which have committed to EITI implementation and puts a greater emphasis on outreach from supporting countries and organisations. The strategy stresses that parallel and coordinated outreach efforts are needed from the EITI and partners to prospective supporting countries, companies, investors and civil society organisations.