EITI in 3-5 years: Issues for consideration

This paper attempts to outline some aspects that the EITI Board might wish to see included in a 3-5 year strategy. It identifies challenges and sketches ways forward. It does not seek to be a comprehensive list of issues to tackle in the years to come, nor does it seek to outline solutions. Rather it is meant to inspire a conversation about the direction of the EITI in the next couple of years. This paper was prepared by the International Secretariat for the 29th Board meeting in Brazzaville.

The paper captures an ongoing discussion led by Clare Short, Chair of the EITI Board. Read her blog on the meaning of compliance and the need for the EITI to evolve: "The EITI not a seal of approval, but sign of change".

If you wish to to comment on this paper, please send your remarks to Dyveke Rogan, drogan@eiti.org.