Publication Type: 
Other guidance
Published Date: 
May, 2017

Mainstreaming mapping exercise

This tool is an excel file containing a list of all the required disclosures under the EITI Standard. It can be used to assess which disclosures are already made available to the public outside of the EITI process.

For MSGs and national secretariats, a useful question to ask when performing the exercise is …

“Our latest EITI Report covered fiscal year XXXX (e.g. 2015). Can I find the same information for XXXX+1 (i.e. 2016) already? What disclosures can I find without referencing to any EITI-related documents and websites?”

Once the information has been located, the mainstreaming tool assists in answering the following questions (i) Are the disclosures commensurate with what is required by the EITI Standard? And (ii) what is missing to comply with the EITI Standard?