EITI Consultation
Publication Type: 
Concluded consultations
Published Date: 
August, 2011

Public consultation on EITI strategy

This consultation is concluded.

The EITI invites you to a public consultation on the EITI's strategic direction. At its meeting in Amsterdam on 9 June 2011 (see minutes below) the international EITI Board agreed that there was a need to carefully consider the EITI’s strategic options and decided to establish a Strategy Working Group (SWG). The SWG was tasked with facilitating this process, including public consultation. All comments and feedback are welcome throughout the process and will be considered when the SWG prepares its options and recommendations to the EITI Board. As a first step, the SWG has tasked the Secretariat to compile a paper identifying various strategic options ahead of the Board’s meeting in Jakarta 25 October. Comments should be submitted by 10 September to be considered in this paper.

To learn how you can submit your comments, see the proposals that have been submitted, or learn more about the Strategy Working Group, please visit the webpage on the Strategy Review.