Myanmar EITI
Publication Type: 
Call for tenders
Published Date: 
August, 2020

Request for expression of interest: Consultancy services for systematic disclosure feasibility study (2020)

MEITI-NCS seeks a competent and credible firm or individual to produce a feasibility study and develop a roadmap for embedding EITI disclosures in government and corporate systems in accordance with these terms of reference.

The objective of the assignment is to assess the feasibility of embedding EITI disclosures in government systems and corporate reporting. The consultant will produce a feasibility study that:

  1. Assesses to what extent information that is required in the EITI Standard, or is otherwise relevant for achieving the objectives outlined in the MSG’s workplan, is already made publicly available in governmental and corporate systems;
  2. Outlines any barriers or gaps in timely, comprehensive and reliable disclosures, as well as technical or financial support needs;
  3. Documents stakeholders’ views and willingness to embed EITI disclosures in governmental and corporate systems;
  4. Proposes a roadmap for embedding EITI disclosures and the process for future EITI implementation. This should include actions, responsible parties, timelines, resource and technical assistance needs.  The roadmap shall have two phases.
  5. Examines and recommends how the MSG can monitor progress and contribute to a gradual but successful implementation of the systematic disclosure over time through meaningful consultations and dialogue.

Submission of Proposal

The consultant shall submit financial proposal with cover letter, CV and responsibilities of team not later than 17:00 PM, 25 August 2020 (Myanmar Time)  to following email address;

MEITI - National Coordination Secretariat,  

13-A, Mya Yadanar Street, 16 Ward, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar