Publication Type: 
Closed calls
Published Date: 
February, 2017

Request for expressions of interest: Beneficial ownership communications strategy for Kyrgyz Republic

This REoI is now closed.

The EITI International Secretariat is recruiting a consultant to support the government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the EITI MSG with beneficial ownership work. The consultancy includes (i) producing an advocacy and communication strategy for the Supervisory Board (local MSG) to promote the importance of disclosure of beneficial ownership and PEPs in the mining industry in Kyrgyz Republic; (ii) conducting a workshop with the key stakeholders; and (iii) establishing relations with local media pool.  The TORs for the assignment are attached.

The consultancy is funded by DFID, executed by the EITI International Secretariat. The timeframe for this assignment will close at the end of March 2017.

If you are interested, kindly submit your CV and a brief technical and financial proposal to Oliana Valigura ( by COB Friday 17 February 2017. The financial proposal should include all applicable taxes and estimate the total cost.