Publication Type: 
Closed calls
Published Date: 
January, 2018

Request for expressions of interest: Consultant to support Ghana with a commodity trading pilot

The EITI International Secretariat is seeking to recruit a consultant to support the government of Ghana and the EITI MSG with a commodity trading pilot. The consultancy includes:

(i) collecting, reviewing and analyzing data on volumes, contracts and liftings of government oil and gas;
(ii) providing a clear description of flows of funds into and out of Ghana's account from the sale of government oil and gas, including pricing, in-kind payments and beneficial ownership disclosure of trading companies;
(iii) producing an inception report, outlining the scope as agreed by the multi-stakeholder group and the methodology of reporting on commodity trading;  
(iv) producing Ghana EITI’s commodity trading report.

The consultancy is funded by the EITI International Secretariat. The assignment is expected to commence in mid-February 2018, culminating in the finalisation of the assignment by 31 March 2018. The assignment is expected to require up to 30 consultancy days.

The TOR for the assignment is attached.

Kindly submit your CV and a brief technical and financial proposal to EITI International Secretariat ( by 17:00 Central European Time on 02 February 2018. The financial proposal should include all applicable taxes and estimate the total cost.