Publication Type: 
Financial reporting
Published Date: 
June, 2017

Supporting countries contributions for 2017

For the year 2017, the EITI International Management (International Board, Chair and Secretariat) has received funding from the following supporting countries:

CountryPurposeUSD thousands
Government of Australia Core funding269 747
Government of Belgium  Core funding119 309
Government of Belgium  Repayment project funding 2016-96 134
Government of CanadaCore funding103 086
Government of Denmark Core funding300 484
Government of Denmark Beneficial Ownership150 242
European Commission Core funding307 705
Government of Finland Core funding195 927
Government of FranceCore funding69 180
Government of Germany Core funding215 059
Government of the Netherlands Core funding253 948
Government of Norway Core funding387 409
Government of SwedenCore funding294 606
Government of Switzerland  Commodity trading189 100
Government of Switzerland  Core funding246 429
DFID - UK Core funding176 946
DFID - UKCore funding199 700
DFID - UKCore funding95 260
DFID - UK Beneficial ownership312 176
DFID - UK Beneficial ownership Conference188 708
DFID - UK Commodity Trading59 188
World Bank Mainstreaming118 187
World Bank Training344 984
World Bank Validation183 599

As of 30 December 2017. 

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