Tajikistan EITI
Published Date: 
November, 2014

Tajikistan scoping study 2013

This scoping study was prepared for Tajikistan's EITI. 

Executive Summary

The extractive sector is becoming increasingly important for Tajikistan’s economy. This scoping study aims to provide Tajikistan’s EITI multi-stakeholder group with a professional opinion regarding the extractive sectors and companies that should be included in its first EITI report. It covers the relevant extractive activities that took place in Tajikistan during the year 2013, which can be categorized as mining, oil and gas, and electricity production.

In order to identify Tajikistan’s key payment streams, an extensive analysis of the country’s extractive revenues is undertaken. In 2013, a total of 16 extractive companies – 13 in the mining sector, two in the field of oil and gas extraction, and one involved in electricity production – contributed to the government of Tajikistan’s revenues. Their total payments amounted to 97,683,474 Tajikistani Somoni.

This scoping study recommends a threshold of 50,000 Tajikistani Somoni to establish the materiality of a company’s total payments to the government. In other words, we recommend that the companies who paid more than TJS 50,000 to the government of Tajikistan in 2013 be required to disclose the totality of those payments as part of the 2013 EITI report. This specific threshold would result in a capture of almost 99.9 percent of all the government revenues for the year 2013. Nine companies had total payments above that threshold in 2013. They are listed in the table below.