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July, 2016

Validation schedule and decisions

The tables below provide detail of Validations completed, Validations underway and the upcoming Validations as agreed by the EITI Board.

  1. Completed Validations: results
  2. Validations underway
  3. Upcoming Validations

1. Completed Validations: results

DateCountryBoard decisionValidation result
26 October 2017Niger2017-56/BM-38/BP-38-6-FInadequate progress
26 October 2017Iraq2017-55/BM-38/BP-38-6-FInadequate progress
25 October 2017Zambia2017-54/BM-38/BP-38-6-DMeaningful progress
25 October 2017Tanzania2017-53/BM-38/BP-38-6-CMeaningful progress
25 October 2017Honduras2017-52/BM-38/BP-38-6-BMeaningful progress
25 October 2017Mozambique2017-51/BM-38/BP-38-6-AMeaningful progress
05 October 2017Philippines2017-40/BC-239/VCSatisfactory progress
24 May 2017Mali2017-29/BM-37/BP-37-9-BMeaningful progress
24 May 2017Liberia2017-28/BM-37/BP-37-9-AMeaningful progress
08 March 2017Tajikistan2017-13/BM-36/BP-36-5-HInadequate progress
08 March 2017Solomon Islands2017-12/BM-36/BP-36-5-GInadequate progress
08 March 2017Sao Tomé and Principé2017-11/BM-36/BP-36-5-FMeaningful progress
08 March 2017Mauritania2017-10/BM-36/BP-36-5-EMeaningful progress
08 March 2017Kyrgyz Republic2017-9/BM-36/BP-36-5-CInadequate progress
08 March 2017Ghana2017-8/BM-36/BP-36-5-BMeaningful progress
11 January 2017Timor-Leste2017-4/BC-224Meaningful progress
11 January 2017Peru2017-3/BC-224Meaningful progress
11 January 2017Nigeria2017-2/BC-224Meaningful progress
11 January 2017Mongolia2017-1/BC-224Meaningful progress
26 October 2016Azerbaijan2016-23/BM-35/BP-35-5-A

Meaningful progress with improvement

04 December 2017NorwayTBCTBC

2. Validations underway

CountryValidation commenced
Albania1 April 2017
Burkina Faso1 April 2017
Republic of the Congo1 April 2017
Cote d'Ivoire1 April 2017
Togo1 April 2017
Afghanistan1 July 2017
Cameroon1 July 2017
Kazakhstan1 July 2017
Senegal1 July 2017
Ukraine1 July 2017
Madagascar1 September 2017
Mongolia11-Jan-18 (second Validation)
Timor-Leste11-Jan-18 (second Validation)

3. Upcoming Validations

CountryValidation Deadline
(Validation to commence)
Peru11-Jan-18 (second Validation). Extension Request pending
Solomon Islands08-Mar-18 (second Validation)
Sao Tomé and Principé08-Mar-18 (second Validation)
Ghana08-Mar-18 (second Validation)
Papua New Guinea01-Apr-18
Democratic Republic of the Congo01-Jul-18
Sierra Leone01-Jul-18
United Kingdom01-Jul-18
Nigeria11-Jul-18 (second Validation)
Trinidad and Tobago01-Sep-18
Tajikistan08-Sep-18 (second Validation)
Mauritania08-Sep-18 (second Validation)
Kyrgyz Republic08-Sep-18 (second Validation)
Mali24-Nov-18 (second Validation)
Liberia24-Nov-18 (second Validation)
Germany 01-Jan-19
Dominican Republic01-Jan-19
Suriname24 October 2019
Central African RepublicTBC ^^^

^^^Subject to the Board decision on lifting the suspension