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November, 2018

Validation schedule and decisions

The tables below provide detail of Validations completed, Validations underway and the upcoming Validations as agreed by the EITI Board. The bottom table provides an overview of Validation results. The dates for upcoming Validations are adjusted according to Board decisions

  1. Completed Validations: results
  2. Validations underway
  3. Upcoming Validations
  4. Chart of completed Validations
  5. Validation data download (excel sheet)

1. Completed Validations: results

Date of decisionCountryBoard decisionValidation result and link to documentation
18 January 2019Afghanistan2019-2/BC-264Inadequate progress
30 October 2018Papua New Guinea2018-55/BM-41/41-5-DMeaningful progress
1 October 2018Seychelles2018-49/BC-257Meaningful progress
29 June 2018Ukraine2018-37/BM-40/BP-40-6-GMeaningful progress
29 June 2018Sao Tomé and Principé
(2nd Validation)
2018-36/BM-40/BP-40-6-EMeaningful progress with significant improvements
29 June 2018Republic of the Congo2018-34/BM-40/BP-40-6-CMeaningful progress
29 June 2018Madagascar2018-35/BM-40/BP-40-6-DMeaningful progress
29 June 2018Colombia2018-38/BM-40/BP-40-6-ASatisfactory progress
29 June 2018Cameroon2018-32/BM-40/BP-40-6-AMeaningful progress
8 May 2018Togo2018-24/BC-249Meaningful progress
8 May 2018Senegal2018-23/BC-249Satisfactory progress
8 May 2018Côte d'Ivoire2018-22/BC-249Meaningful progress
13 February 2018Timor-Leste (second Validation)2018-15/BM-39/BP-39-5-HSatisfactory progress
13 February 2018Mongolia (second Validation)2018-14/BM-39/BP-39-5-ESatisfactory progress
13 February 2018Kazakhstan2018-13/BM-39/BP-39-5-DMeaningful progress 
13 February 2018Burkina Faso2018-12/BM-39/BP-39-5-BMeaningful progress 
13 February 2018Albania2018-11/BM-39/BP-39-5-AMeaningful progress
04 December 2017Norway2017-62/BC-242Meaningful progress
26 October 2017Niger2017-56/BM-38/BP-38-6-FInadequate progress
26 October 2017Iraq2017-55/BM-38/BP-38-6-FInadequate progress
25 October 2017Zambia2017-54/BM-38/BP-38-6-DMeaningful progress
25 October 2017Tanzania2017-53/BM-38/BP-38-6-CMeaningful progress 
25 October 2017Honduras2017-52/BM-38/BP-38-6-BMeaningful progress
25 October 2017Mozambique2017-51/BM-38/BP-38-6-AMeaningful progress 
05 October 2017Philippines2017-40/BC-239/VCSatisfactory progress
24 May 2017Mali2017-29/BM-37/BP-37-9-BMeaningful progress 
24 May 2017Liberia2017-28/BM-37/BP-37-9-AMeaningful progress
8 March 2017Tajikistan2017-13/BM-36/BP-36-5-HInadequate progress 
8 March 2017Solomon Islands2017-12/BM-36/BP-36-5-GInadequate progress
8 March 2017Sao Tomé and Principé2017-11/BM-36/BP-36-5-FMeaningful progress
8 March 2017Mauritania2017-10/BM-36/BP-36-5-EMeaningful progress
8 March 2017Kyrgyz Republic2017-9/BM-36/BP-36-5-CInadequate progress
8 March 2017Ghana2017-8/BM-36/BP-36-5-BMeaningful progress
11 January 2017Timor-Leste2017-4/BC-224Meaningful progress
11 January 2017Peru2017-3/BC-224Meaningful progress 
11 January 2017Nigeria2017-2/BC-224Meaningful progress 
11 January 2017Mongolia2017-1/BC-224Meaningful progress 
26 October 2016Azerbaijan2016-23/BM-35/BP-35-5-A

Meaningful progress with improvement

2. Validations underway

CountryValidation commenced
Ethiopia1 April 2018
Guatemala1 April 2018
Guinea1 July 2018
Myanmar1 July 2018
United Kingdom1 July 2018
Peru1 July 2018 (second Validation)
Nigeria11 July 2018 (second Validation)
Indonesia1 September 2018
Trinidad and Tobago1 September 2018
Malawi1 September 2018
Chad1 September 2018
Sierra Leone4 September 2018
Ghana8 September 2018 (second Validation)
Tajikistan8 September 2018 (second Validation)
Mauritania8 September 2018 (second Validation)
Democratic Republic of the Congo1 October 2018
Germany1 November 2018
Norway4 December 2018 (second Validation)
Dominican Republic1 January 2019

3. Upcoming Validations

CountryValidation to commence
Liberia24 November 2018 (second Validation) [extension request received]
Albania13 February 2019 (second Validation)
Mali28 February 2019 (second Validation)
Honduras25 April 2019 (second Validation)
Mozambique25 April 2019 (second Validation)
Tanzania25 April 2019 (second Validation)
Zambia25 April 2019 (second Validation)
Iraq25 April 2019 (second Validation)
Kyrgyz Republic8 June 2019 (second Validation)
Burkina Faso13 August 2019 (second Validation)
Kazakhstan13 August 2019 (second Validation)
Armenia9 September 2019
Suriname24 October 2019
Côte d'Ivoire8 November 2019 (second Validation)
Togo8 November 2019 (second Validation)
Cameroon29 December 2019 (second Validation)
Madagascar29 December 2019 (second Validation)
Republic of Congo29 December 2019 (second Validation)
São Tomé and Príncipe29 December 2019 (third Validation)
Ukraine29 December 2019 (second Validation)
Seychelles1 April 2020 (second Validation)
Mexico25 April 2020
Guyana25 April 2020
Papua New Guinea30 April 2020 (second Validation)
Philippines5 October 2020 (re-Validation)
Mongolia13 February 2021 (re-Validation)
Timor-Leste13 February 2021 (re-Validation)
Senegal8 May 2021 (re-Validation)
Colombia29 June 2021 (re-Validation)
Afghanistan18 July 2021 (second Validation)
Central African RepublicTBC ^^^

^^^Subject to the Board decision on lifting the suspension

4. Chart of completed Validations 

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5. Validation data download

The excel sheet attached below contains the data on all the EITI Validations against the 2016 Standard to date (as listed under 1. Completed Validations).