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35th Board meeting papers: Astana

October 2016

25-26 October 2016 in Astana, Kazakhstan

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  • Board Paper 35-1-A Draft agenda
  • Board Paper 35-1-B Board meeting participant list
  • Board Paper 35-2-A Implementation Progress Report Board Paper
  • Board Paper 35-2-B Outreach Progress Report
  • 35-3 Report from the World Bank
  • 35-4 Report from the Implementation Committee
  • Board paper 35-4-A Beneficial ownership update
  • Board paper 35-4-B Update on the commodity trading
  • Board paper 35-4-C Towards mainstreaming action plan
  • Board paper 35-4-D Validation schedule
  • Board paper 35-4-E Project level reporting
  • Board paper 35-4-F Adapted implementation request: Ukraine
  • Board paper 35-4-G Validation deadline extension request: Niger
  • Board paper 35-4-H Early findings and options related to the EITI safeguards provisions in 8.3.c.i
  • Board paper 35-5-A Azerbaijan
  • Board paper 35-5-B Mongolia
  • Board paper 35-5-C Nigeria
  • Board paper 35-5-D Peru
  • Board paper 35-5-E Timor-Leste
  • Board paper 35-7 EITI Outreach Strategy 2017 
  • Board paper 35-8 Draft 2017 EITI Work plan
  • Board paper 35-9-A Draft Q3 Financial Update
  • Board paper 35-9-B Funding Review 2016
  • Board paper 35-9-C Draft Terms of Reference - Secretariat Expenditure Review
  • Board paper 35-10-A Proposed governance reforms
  • Board paper 35-10-B 2015 Governance Review Follow-up
  • Board paper 35-10-C Governance Consultation
  • Board paper 35-10 D Draft Procedures for Performance Appraisal of the Head of Secretariat