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37th Board meeting papers: Oslo

EITI International Secretariat
May 2017

23-24 May in Oslo, Norway

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  • Board Paper 37-1-A Draft agenda
  • Board Paper 37-1-B Board meeting participant list
  • Board Paper 37-2-A Is the EITI achieving its mission?
  • Board Paper 37-2-B EITI Startegy Day - Proposed Topics and Questions - draft input from civil society
  • Board Paper 37-2-C Outline for the strategy discussion
  • Board Paper 37-3-A Board Induction
  • Board Paper 37-3-B Board Self-assessment follow-up
  • Board Paper 37-3-C EITI constituency consultation recommendations
  • Board Paper 37-3-D Common governance challenges in EITI implementing countries
  • Board Paper 37-4-A Implementation Progress Report, including Annex A Project-level reporting
  • Board Paper 37-4-B Outreach Progress Report
  • Board Paper 37-6-A Clarifying beneficial ownership requirements
  • Board Paper 37-6-B Yemen delisting
  • Board paper 37-7-A Candidature Assessment: Suriname
  • Board Paper 37-8 Q1 2017 Accounts and Q2 2017 Forecast
  • Board Paper 37-9-A Liberia
  • Board Paper 37-9-B Mali
  • Board Paper 37-10 Next meeting