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38th Board meeting papers: Manila

October 2017

25-26 October, Manila, Philippines

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  • Board Paper 38-1-A Draft agenda
  • Board Paper 38-1-B Board meeting participant list
  • Board Paper 38-2-A Implementation Progress Report
  • Board Paper 38-2-B Outreach Progress Report
  • Board Paper 38-3 Report from the World Bank
  • Board Paper 38-4-A Reporting deadline extension request: Dominican Republic  
  • Board Paper 38-4-B Yemen: Delisting
  • Board Paper 38-4-C Opportunities for improving engagement with SOEs 
  • Board Paper 38-4-D Proposal for an EITI limited engagement policy
  • Board Paper 38-4-E Mainstreaming application and request for adapted implementation: Norway
  • Board Paper 38-5-A Candidature application: Guyana
  • Board Paper 38-5-B Candidature application: Mexico 
  • Board Paper 38-6-A Validation: Mozambique 
  • Board Paper 38-6-B Validation: Honduras
  • Board Paper 38-6-C Validation: Tanzania
  • Board Paper 38-6-D Validation: Zambia
  • Board Paper 38-6-E Validation: Iraq
  • Board Paper 38-6-F Validation: Niger
  • Board Paper 38-6-G Validation: Norway 
  • Board Paper 38-7-A Review of EITI Grievance procedures
  • Board Paper 38-7-B Common governance challenges in EITI implementing countries- update and propose next steps
  • Board Paper 38-8 Draft Q3 Financial Updates, including draft accounts January-September 2017 and full year forecast
  • Board Paper 38-9 Draft 2018 EITI Work plan