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41th Board meeting papers: Dakar

September 2018

Download papers in [English] [French]

  • Board paper 41-1-A Draft Agenda
  • Board paper 41-1-B Participants list
  • Board paper 41-2-A Implementation Progress Report July-October 2018
  • Board paper 41-3 Report from the World Bank
  • Board paper 41-4-A How EITI can improve its engagement with state-owned enterprises
    • Board paper 41-4-A Annex A Overview of SOE representation on MSGs in EITI countries
    • Board paper 41-4-A Annex B EITI and state-owned enterprise transparency - lessons learned from Validation
    • Board paper 41-4-A Annex C Upstream Oil, Gas and Mining SOE Governance Challenges
  • Board paper 41-4-B Progress on EITI's targeted efforts on commodity trading transparency
  • Board paper 41-4-C Options for clarifications to the EITI Requirements
  • Board paper 41-5-A Validation of Afghanistan
  • Board paper 41-5-B Validation of Ethiopia
  • Board paper 41-5-C Validation of Nigeria
  • Board paper 41-5-D Validation of Papua New Guinea
  • Board paper 41-7-A 2018 Q3 Accounts and full year forecast
  • Board paper 41-7-B Draft 2019 Work plan and budget
  • Board paper 41-8 Preparations to the 2019 Global Conference