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Impact study on the EITI in the DRC

August 2015

With support from the German development agency GIZ, the civil society coalition Publish What You Pay of the DRC conducted an impact evaluation study of the EITI process in the DRC over the period 2005-2015.

To conduct the impact study, PWYP formed investigators to conduct interviews in the Congo Central and Katanga regions, as well as in Kinshasa.

The questions asked concerned the impact of the EITI after nine years of implementation, the level of implementation, the contribution of the EITI to stakeholders, difficulties in participation and the impact on public finances. 

While it is too early to demonstrate impact of the EITI on local communities, the study concluded that the EITI has contributed to behavioural change in the management of the sector. Preliminary results suggest substantial gains in government revenues from the sector. The extent to which EITI implementation had contributed to this increase was not clear.

While the EITI International Secretariat does not endorse the methodology and the content of the report, it welcomes the strong engagement of the civil society constituency in the DRC.

The report is available in French only.