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Report of the International Advisory Group (IAG)


The EITI London Conference 2005 established an international advisory group (IAG) to guide the further work of the International EITI Secretariat on defining and refining proposals on the future of the EITI.

The IAG final report for the EITI conference in Oslo in October 2006 on the future of EITI, that included detailed proposals for the future organisation of the Initiative, including the management of international support to the EITI, incentives for implementation, and a suitable process for evaluating implementation – as well as setting out how EITI complements other international efforts to promote improved budget transparency.

Following the International Advisory Group recommendations, the first EITI Board was established at the Oslo conference to provide strategic direction for EITI at an international level. The Board reflects the multi-stakeholder nature of EITI with an independent chair and includes representatives from governments, civil society organisations, oil, gas and mining companies and company associations, investors and international organisations.