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Scoping study on ASM in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo EITI

This ASM Scoping Study was undertaken relying on a combination of secondary data and field visits. The scoping study provides a practical roadmap for how the national EITI process in the country could feasibly integrate ASM data in its annual EITI report. The scoping study includes a stakeholder mapping of various actors operating in the informal and semi-formal ASM sector, an overview of revenue streams stemming from ASM at the national and local level, recommendations to the MSG on how to include ASM in EITI reporting, and reporting templates for entities and individuals (merchants or traders, purchasing houses, processing entities, local and central authorities) that would be required to report.


Original title and source: EITI DRC Rapport de l’Auditeur Independent sur l’Etude de Cadrage de la Couverture de l’Exploitation Minière Artisanale à l’est de la Republique Democratique du Congo, (PricewaterhouseCoopers, July 2015)