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Supporting countries contributions for 2018

Supporting countries contributions for 2018

EITI International Secretariat

For the year 2018, the EITI International Management (International Board, Chair and Secretariat) has received funding from the following supporting countries:

CountryPurposeUSD thousands
Government of Australia Core funding274
Government of Belgium  Core funding119
Government of CanadaCore funding109
Government of DenmarkCore funding312
Government of Denmark Beneficial ownership159
EBRDBeneficial ownership126
European Commission Core funding346
Government of Finland Core funding211
Government of FranceCore funding116
Government of Germany Core funding223
Government of the Netherlands Core funding250
Government of Norway Core funding394
Government of SwedenCore funding340
Government of Switzerland  Commodity trading62
Government of Switzerland  Core funding248
DFID - UK Core funding402
DFID - UKBeneficial ownership493
DFID - UKBeneficial owner., Commodity trading, SOE, Mainstreaming498
USAID - USCore funding101
TOTAL 4 783

As of 31 December 2018. 

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