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Guidance document

Validation templates

Templates for documenting evidence of progress in EITI implemenation

The EITI’s Validation model was revised in December 2020. A country’s overall assessment in Validation will now take into account three components – “Transparency”, “Stakeholder engagement” and “Outcomes and impact”. Each EITI Requirement will be assessed under one of these three components.

When preparing for Validation, multi-stakeholder groups should use the following Board-approved templates to provide evidence of progress in the three components of Validation:

These must be submitted to the EITI International Secretariat by the commencement of Validation. The MSG is also encouraged to use these templates to support its regular oversight of EITI implementation, including between Validations. 

Integrating the templates into the annual EITI implementation cycle improves the MSG’s understanding and oversight of the strengths and weaknesses of the EITI process. It supports the MSG in setting objectives and planning activities that address stakeholders’ priorities, as well as EITI Requirements. Using the Transparency template for both scoping and overseeing disclosures can help bring down the cost of EITI reporting and facilitate a transition to systematic disclosures of data by government agencies and extractive companies.

Annual disclosure cycle


  • Step 1: Establish objectives for EITI - Agree work plan

  • Step 2: Review disclosures - Map existing disclosures using 'Transparency template' tool

  • Step 3: Disclose data - Collect and disclose data through government and company systems/EITI report

  • Step 4: Oversee disclosures - Complete the 'Transparency template'

  • Step 5: Analyse and communicate data

  • Step 6: Review outcomes and impact - Complete 'Outomes and impact template' and 'Stakeholder engagement template'